MAP Policy: Dos and Don'ts When Drafting

By: Andrew Schydlowsky (TrackStreet) November 8, 2018

There are several common triggering events that send manufacturers and brand owners to TrackStreet for help with their online..

What to Do When a Reseller Asks for an Exception to Your MAP Policy

When it comes to drafting and enforcing a MAP policy, there are many misconceptions and a lot of just-plain-bad information..

Can Your MAP Policy Reach into the Shopping Cart?

There is a common and totally understandable misconception about how far a brand’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy can..

Thinking About Just Copying a MAP Policy Template? Think Again.

If you Google “MAP policy template” right now, you’ll find countless real-world minimum advertised price policies that..

How Can You Enforce Your MAP Policy Against Unauthorized Amazon Sellers?

“How do we use our MAP policy to stop rogue 3rd party sellers from listing our stuff on Amazon?”

MAP, UPP, ADP, MRP, RPM, iMAP, eMAP: How Do All of These Reseller Policies Differ?

If you’ve ever heard a colleague refer to his company’s MRP, or describe his reseller policy as a UPP, or an RPM, or an..

MAP Policy Legal Risks: 5 Things Not to Do When Drafting and Enforcing Yours

The good news is that as a manufacturer or brand owner, your company is perfectly within your legal rights to establish..

MAP Policy: 3 Huge Mistakes Companies Make

When a manufacturer drafts its MAP policy, one common fear is that the document will come across as too harsh, and that it..

What’s Your MAP Policy IQ?

How much do you know about MAP policy and other types of reseller pricing policies? About how to draft them, the business..

How to Set a MAP Policy That Will Attract Retailers to Your Sales Channel

You can learn a valuable (and totally counterintuitive) lesson about your company’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy from..

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